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Your Belle, love 


“Being sexy is all about the attitude, not body type.
It's a state of mind.”



Hello there!

Defining our moment

Welcome! I'm so happy you stopped by for a visit.

Life gives us many opportunities to meet and know various people, and through our short get away, I'd love the opportunity to meeting you and forging a closer relationship with you. As a firm believer of creating memories, especially the special moments with those that I invite into my world. Our time together is always going to be more than a short-lived experience. Each and every fleeting moment will surely bring exhilarating flashbacks for the both of us. With every touch, sealed by our kiss, you will learn that I am your angel with a sinful mind filled with the naughtiest thoughts. Allow yourself to be enchanted with my playful personality and my affections to warm every fiber of your soul. After all, my only desire is for us to indulge in each other, physically and emotionally. You will find my companionship is unparalleled.


Read my testimonials that provides more detailed insight into my sessions. 

No matter how little our time may seem, the moment belongs to us. 

Let's look beyond the world's time, and make our moment to the dawn, 

together, take my hand, trailing into our forever -


Belle Charlene



"Good manners will open up doors that even the best pick-up lines cannot."

Heading 1

Be nice to the lady & she will give you everything you asked for!
  • I’d really hope that my date is a gentleman of excellent character. A gentleman does not force me to do anything outside my comfort zone.
  • If you blackmail/force/pressure me to do anything I deem unsafe to my well-being, or if you engage in behavior that compromises my privacy (E.g. Taking photos/videos of me/or my personal belongings etc), I will leave immediately. You will not be refunded.
  • I will leave immediately if I feel unsafe/threatened at any point during our date, regardless the danger.
  • Hygiene plays a vital role for both parties, I'd be well groomed and clean at all times as i do expect the same.

  • As a sexually active and responsible adult, I believe in the need to get tested every 2-3 months, and would so expect that of you.
  • If we do happened to cross in public, please behave as if we have never met before. I respect your privacy, please respect mine.

"Respect time to respect yourself."
  • Remuneration should be handed in an envelope, passed or placed within full view 10 minutes of us meeting. If we are meeting for an an outcall/outbound hotel, please hand it to me discreetly. 
  • In any event you have to cut short our time due to an external circumstances say your own commitment, work, home, my full rate still applies. 
  • Should you cancel our date upon our meeting, a cancellation fee of $150 (SGD) will be incurred to cover my transport and additional cost. 
  • Due to my bad experiences of sudden cancellations and post missing-in-action acts. As so, a deposit is compulsory for every booking prior to every meeting. There will be no exception unless explicitly allowed by me. Deposits will only provides me an assurance that a client is sincere to meeting me, which i will then schedule him in with great ease, knowing that he/she honors our time.



"Finally had the chance to meet this playful and seductively Charlene after matching our schedules. Arrangements was simple and time was accurate. Location details are easy to follow. Once door was open, was greeted with a nice warm hug and a young, eager to please beautiful. I would say the feeling of a welcome home feel, except with a younger girlfriend."

"Belle gave the signal and I went up and pressed the doorbell feeling nervous. When the door opened and Charlene greeted me in a bubbly manner and gave me a friendly , lover warmth hug, I was stunned momentarily as Charlene has a curvy and voluptuous figure and also a gorgeous and stunning look that I am sure most will turns head when she walks down the street. Before meeting Charlene, I have a visual image of how she looks like. But I am glad to say that she has greatly surpassed the visual image that I had in mind before meeting her and she is definitely a lot better looking in real life. 

"What else can i say after this precious time spent with this lovely lady. No testimonials can explain or describe the girlfriend-experience with her. From the moment you open the door,till you leave,gfe feeling all the way. Like most review, she is not a time watcher and sessions with her was mind blowing."



The day i decided my life was magical, then i realized magic was all around my life. Read on on my story, my thoughts, my journey. Take this as my secret diary of a Singapore's call girl.